Ripening Chambers


  • High humidity coil evaporator with built-in pre-cooling capability
  • Ceiling mounted evaporators for better air circulation
  • Automatic Centralised Gas based ethylene injection system or manual liquid based generator option
  • Freon refrigeration system in auto operation
  • Automatic Ventilation System

The range of banana ripening systems that can be delivered nowadays comprises a variety of designs that can be used for the most common applications. Clear instructions and simple installation mean that these systems can quickly be up and running.

Frore delivers complete system for Ripening ranging from fully aytomated systems to semi automatic systems. The gassing systems and gas-tight doors can also be delivered as part of the package.

Chamber Specification:

Our refrigeration machines operate with only a small temperature differential in order to minimize weight loss. The air flows through evaporator and is made to pass into the pallets placed inside the room in a designed pattern. This ensures equal ripening throughout the entire room. Chambers consume low electrical energy, thanks to the use of special motors and easy maintenance which are key features of our design.

Making Ripening Profitable

The cost - effective exploitation of fruit depends on various criteria including seasonal influences, perishability, shelf-life, fruit quality, consumer demands and consumer preferences. By selecting the right system we benefit from premium product quality, a longer shelf life, minimum product losses and low operational costs.