Food & Beverage

Meat & Poultry:

Meat and poultry demand continues to increase to meet worldwide demand. Refrigeration and temperature control are vital aspects throughout the entire process from processing centre to the end user, which requires extremely hygienic conditions and compliance. Frore is a leading solution provider of refrigeration equipment that provides meat processors with reliable performance for processing, storing and delivering quality products.


The dairy industry is one of the more intricate, and it requires refrigeration and temperature controls that are reliable throughout the process. Refrigeration is needed in the production and storage of a wide range of products from milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. At Frore we provide solution for dairy ranging from Bulk Milk Coolers to Refrigerated warehouse for safe & hygienic storage of milk products.


The cooling process and refrigeration are the key factors for a successful brewing process (fermentation and germination), to product consistency throughout the production process, and to the delivery of a wide range of beverages to the consumer. We have a vast experience of providing refrigeration solutions to the beverage industry and as a result, this experience helps to create predictable and efficient beverage processing.